About The Program

Our English Teacher program started in 2012 to meet the wishes of both young people in Europe willing to go to China for an extended period and for Chinese schools to have eager foreign English teachers for the students.

As the English language becomes more and more useful and important, many Chinese schools are starting to focus on improving their students’ spoken and written English. However, as the local Chinese teachers of the English language themselves do not speak fluent English, Chinese schools have been recruiting foreign English teachers to help their students. We are one of the organisations involved in helping Chinese schools to recruit foreign English teacher and to help them with the visa applications for their teachers.

School Description

For the English Teacher program we have both public as well as private Chinese schools available. These vary from kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and sometimes even colleges. Our available schools are located almost all over China.

The ages for the students at these schools are between 3 and 6 for kindergartens,between 6 and 12 for elementary schools, between 12 and 15 for middle schools, between 15 and 18 for high schools and between 18 and 22 for colleges.

Our schools will provide you with a schedule for 25 to 30 working hours per week, a fully furnished private apartment and free working meals. Every month you will also get at least 6000 RMB (which is worth around 800 euro after taxes) salary from the school.

Weekends and public holidays, you are always free, which will give you lots of free time to travel around China and explore its culture and to try its tasty food.


To be an English teacher in China, you must older than 22 years old and younger than 50 years old.
As an English teacher in China, the proficient English skills in both speaking and writing are requested.
As Chinese semesters start in every March and September, which means the applicants must be able to start in every March and September as well.
As an English teacher in China, a bachelor degree in any major is required
As an English teacher you must haven’t been convicted for a crime and no record of contagious or serious diseases.
As an English teacher you in China you must be able for teaching at least 10 months, which is about a school year in China.


Live in a new country and explore the wonderful culture every day.
Discover beautiful new places, learn to fluently speak the most spoken language in the world
Teach Chinese students English and help them to improve their language skills.
Get a certification of teaching English and build up your resume to go further in the future.

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