Living and travelling in China

Living and traveling in China

  1. Is there someone will pick me up at airport? What should I do on the first day when I arrive in China?

    Yes, of course, before you leave for China, we will introduce the responsible person to you, who will pick you up at the airport.

  2. The processes of your first day in China.

    You will be sent to a hotel or the apartment prepared for you to have a rest after your arrival. After you get enough energy, you are welcomed to visit the office/school. You will be asked to give a demo lesson. Chinese staff/teacher will help you with opening a Chinese bank account and arrange ticket for you to move to the school.

  3. Does the school provide the teacher with accommodation? If so, what kind of accommodation (e.g. room, apartment, house share?)

    In China, our schools will provide performance artists with 1800 RMB housing allowance, which will be enough to cover a simple apartment.

  4. How about the living expense in China?

    You will have a relaxing life in China with the salary you get from the school as you don’t need to pay for your apartment every month. Restaurants and clothes in China are not expensive at all.

    We kindly advice you to bring 500 euros extra with you to support yourself in the first month in China.

  5. When will I received my salary?

    Normally you will receive your salary on 15th of each month. You will find the receiving information on the contract you have signed with our partner company.

  6. With 9000 RMB, could I easily travel around China? Can I use my bank account?

    With 9000 RMB (which is worth around 1200 euro) salary you can easily travel around China both by train and by plane. You can find many very cheap tickets on some websites, such as and

    We kindly advice you to bring cash with you when you travel around China as many Chinese stores do not have electronic payment terminals available.

  7. Should I bring a laptop?

    We suggest you to bring your own laptop which will make your life and communication easier in China.

  8. Can I use Facebook, YouTube or Twitter in China?

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G-mail are blocked in China. But some of our English had made them possible to use by download VPN software. There are many VPN services available for you to use both on your own computer and for on your telephone; both paid subscriptions as well as for free. For a good VPN connection, we recommend using a paid service for good internet speed.

  9. How can I use my bank card in China?

    You will get a Chinese bank account for free in China. Please be aware that most financial transactions in China are done in cash, however. If you wish to withdraw money from your bank account, it might not be possible to use your own bank card.

  10. Who will pay for the travel expenses from my country to China? How about the insurance?

    The teacher needs to pay for his or her own ticket to China. If the teacher completes one semester of teaching in China, then the teacher will get some bonus at the end of the first semester. If the teacher completes a second semester of teaching, then the teacher will get another amount of bonus at the end of the second semester. The company will help English teacher with arranging a medical and accident insurance, it will be paid by Chinese school.

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