About The Program

The Performing Arts teaching program is focused on teaching drama, theater, dance and music performance to three to twelve years old Chinese children at private training centers. Most of the private training centers are located in the bigger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Shenzhen and so on.

The purpose of the Performing Arts program is to help develop the students’ linguistic, musical and introspective intelligence, so that the students could become more confident and dare to take new challenges in their future life.

Course Objectives

  1. To help students cultivate physical, linguistic, communicational and social skills so that the students are more confident in overcoming the difficulties in their life.
  2. To improve student’s interest in learning English, to strengthen motivation so that they have a more global perspective and mindset.
  3. To help students have a cheerful confident attitude and sense of identity to towards the new challenges.
  4. To improve the students creative ability for a new performance by using your skills and knowledge.

About the classes

Pre-school Program ( for 3-5 years old students)
The purpose of this program is to inspire children to show their desires and potential abilities in many aspects. Through a large number of performances, physical activity, music events and theater events, physical exercise participants skills, physical coordination, the rhythm of music perception and language skills, build student confidence.

Primary Program (for 6-8 years old students)
The purpose of this program is to help the students to be more confident when facing new people and attending social activities. Through the training in Dancing performances, Musical performances, Theatrical performances, the students will be more proactive, enthusiastic in various activities.

Upper Primary Program (for 9-12 years old students)
The target of this program is to develop the creative ability and the teamwork inspirit of the students. Through a large number of performances created by the students themselves to practice their English language and the abilities in teamwork and leadership.

The classes will focus on creative performances, such as drama performances created by 3-5 students, the Theatrical performances created by the students in one class, the Dancing performances created by different groups of students.


  • Must older than 22 years old and younger than 50 years old.
  • The proficient English skills in both speaking and writing are requested.
  • A bachelor degree in Theater/ Dance/ Drama performance study
  • Haven’t been convicted for a crime and no record of contagious or serious diseases
  • Be able to sign a year working contract.
  • Be able to start at every February/June/September/ November.


1000 to1800 euro monthly salary
 At least 1000 euro ticket allowance
Free accommodation
 Free Insurance
 Free visa services for family members
and more…

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