1. Do I need to speak Chinese for participating in the program?

    No, it is not necessary. Actually, most schools prefer that you do not speak Chinese. They would rather that you speak only English in the classroom. Knowing some Chinese will help you in your daily life outside of your classes and you will be picking up more Chinese from day to day. Your Chinese tutor will help you learn some of the basics of Mandarin Chinese before your classes begin.

  2. Do I need to have a certification for teaching Dance and Sport?

    No, you do not need to have a TEFL certificate for teaching Dance and Sports. But you will be easily accepted by our schools if you have relevant working experiences.

  3. Can couples participate in this program and teach in one school or one city?

    We welcome couples to join our program. Some of our schools do prefer to invite couples to teach in their school. It is possible for us to arrange couples in one school or in the same city.

  4. When is the contract signed? Before or upon arrival?

    Some of our teachers will sign the teaching contract before leaving for China, but some of our teachers will sign their working contract right after their arrivals. It depends on which school or partner agency we’ve matched for you. Either way for signing the contract, you will get the information of working hours, salary, meals, accommodation and more other information before applying for a Chinese visa.

  5. Is it possible for me and my friend to work in the same school or the same city?

    Yes, it is possible. Many of our schools need at least two teachers. If there is a chance to arrange you and your friend in the same school, we will do it for you. We will make it as convenient as we can for our teachers.

  6. Can I apply for this teaching program if I don’t have a bachelor degree?


  7. What kind of documents I should prepare before joining this program?

    If you visit China with Z visa, you need to prepare:

    • Curriculum Vitae

      Including educational background starting from senior high school and work experiences, which should have at least two years of teaching experiences.

    • Copy of your passport. (Only the page of your personal information)
    • Reference letter of teaching experiences for two years,
    • Copy of your bachelor degree in any study.
    • Digital copy of Certificate of Police Clearance.
    • Digital copy of medical report.

    The medical report should include ECG, X-ray and HIV test results. Please notice that if the medical report is not applicable, then the foreign teacher need to process a new test in China and the cost will be afforded by the foreign teacher. The medical report can be picked up three days later.

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