1. Register on our website or email us directly for program brochure.
    2. Have an interview via Skype with our staff.

Make an appointment with us in advance via email and prepare for your Skype interview.

    1. Prepare an introduction video for matching a host family.

You will get some advice from our staff during the interview. Our staff will also give you some information about theintroduction video for matching a host family.

    1. Prepare documents for applying a X2 type visa to China.

After we match a host family for you, our staff will assist you with preparing the documents.

    1. Send the application documents to us.

Please send us all the requested documents as soon as possible, our staff will give you feedback after they check and verify the documents.

School Admission

    1. After we receive your application documents, our partner company will apply a Mandarin-Chinese study for you from the local Chinese university.
    2. We will send a copy of your school admission notice to support your visa application.

If it is necessary, our partner company will post the school admission to you by China post, it takes around five working days to receive it.

    1. Getting ticket reservation from us.

After we get the school acceptance, we will prepare around ticket reservation for supporting your visa application.


    1. Apply for a student visa (X2 type visa) from the local Chinese visa center.

Our staff will assist you to make an appointment with the embassy if it is necessary.

    1. Get your visa, scan it and send the digital copy to us; we will arrange ticket for you travel to China.

Only participants who are able to stay in China for more than six months can get free ticket from us.

    1. Have a departure training with us.

After you get visa, our staff will contact you for a departure training.

    1. Fly to China and meet our partners at the Beijing office.

Our Chinese partners will pick you up at airport and arrange for you to stay in the training center for a rest. After you get enough energy, you will receive your lessons at our training center for four to seven days.

    1. And finally, you are ready to work!

Your host family will pick you up from training center after four to seven days of training. We wish you a happy exchange year with your host family!

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