Quzhou city is situated in the west of Zhejiang Province and at the upper reach of the Qianjiang River, adjoining Fujian , Jiangxi and Anhui provinces. Quzhou covers 8837 square kilometers and has a population of 2,490,000 (Including the subordinate cities and counties).

With the high-speed railway in Quzhou one can reach the provincial capital Hangzhou in about 1.5 hours and Shanghai in about 2.5 hours.

Quzhou is a city with a long history, numerous natural reserves and many mountains and peaks. One of the typical local natural reserves is the Sanqu stone forest, formed over 500 million years ago and famous for it's glass bridge. Another local curiosity are the mysterious Longyou caves; artificial caverns built over 2000 years ago only to be rediscovered in 1992. And of course Jiangliang and Lankeshan mountains along with Qiantang river.

School list

  1. Quzhou Baiyun school
  2. Quzhou Dacheng primary school
  3. Zhejiang Longyou Middle School
  4. Huagang Middle School of Longyou County
  5. Jiangshan Experimental Primary School
  6. Jiangshan Middle School
  7. Experimental Primary School of Kaihua County
  8. Middle School of Kaihua County
  9. No. 1 Primary School of Changshan County
  10. Zigang Middle School of Changshan County



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