Every year we have more than 200 teaching jobs available. Due to a big load of work, we sometimes lack the time to put all the vacancies online. So, if you are interested in a teaching job, please don’t hesitate to send your resume and cover letter to If your qualifications meet the requirements of one of the jobs, we will get back to you within a week and invite you to the next phase of our selection process.


  1. Send your resume and the cover letter to or fill in our registration form, find it here.
  2. Have a Skype or an office meeting with a China Plus staff member Make an appointment with us through e-mail and prepare yourself for the interview.
  3. Start with gathering the necessary documents and send them to us as soon as possible.
    If we accept you as a candidate-teacher after the meeting, we will send you a list with documents to prepare so that we can start to match you with a school.

Wait for a match

  1. Once China Plus receives the requested documents from you, we will soon match you with an appropriate school.

Wait for a work permit

  1. Once you are matched with a school, together with the school or our partner agency we will apply for your working permit from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China. Normally the process should take around 2 weeks.
  2. We will prepare the employment contract together with your new employer (the school or a Chinese agency).
    We will send you the employment contract while waiting for the working permit.
  3. China Plus will send the working permit to you by email. The moment we receive the work permit from the Chinese government, we will send it to you through email.

Visa and departure

  1. Apply for a Z-visa, the official work visa in China. When we send the work permit to you, we will assist you with applying for a Chinese work visa at the same time
  2. Book your flight and pack your suitcases.
    We advise you to book your flight ticket after you applied for the visa.
  3. China Plus will help you to prepare through training.
    Every February and July China Plus will hold a pre-departure training to provide further information and practical advice for your time in China, and we will answer any questions you still have concerning your departure arrangement.
  4. Fly to China and meet our partner agency/school in China.
    Our Chinese colleagues will pick you up at the closest international airport. Accommodation will be provided when you arrive. During this time, you can take a rest and recover from your journey. When you’re fully rested you can visit our Chinese partner agency. Our Chinese colleagues will help you with getting a Chinese sim card, a Chinese bank account and finding your way around during the first couple of days.
  5. You’re ready to work!
    After the first week of preparation, now you are ready to meet your students.

Stay in touch

It’s important to stay in touch with China Plus during your Chinese adventure, so if necessary, we can help you out and of course, we would love to hear your China stories!



Thank you for contacting us! We will try our best to reply within three working days!

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