1. Send your resume and a cover letter to or fill in our registration form.
  2. Have a Skype or an office meeting with a China Plus staff member.
    Make an appointment with one of our staff members through e-mail. The interview will consist of information about the program necessary preparations, procedures and multiple behavioural questions relating to your interest in China and your background, along with situational questions about how you would respond in certain scenarios. And this is a great opportunity to ask questions and share your goals with us. Usually, it will take about an hour or an hour and half.
  3. China Plus staff will make a decision regarding your candidacy as quickly as possible, usually within four business days of your interview except for the holiday period.
  4. Accepted applicants will receive an email with further instructions.
    Start with gathering the necessary documents and send them to us as soon as possible so that we can start to match you with a city and/or a school (depending on the situation). The instructions on how to obtain and submit each of the supporting documents will be sent to you along with the acceptance letter.

Wait for a match

  1. Once we receive the first set of requested documents from you, we will soon match you with an appropriate city and/or host school.
  2. At this stage, you will receive further instructions on how to organising the necessary documents per the work permit application from the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in Zhejiang province.

Sign employment contract and wait for a work permit

  1. Once you are matched with a city or a host school (depending on the situation), we will send the employment contract to you to sign.
  2. After we receive the set of documents for work permit application, our partner agency in Hangzhou will apply for your working permit from the Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Normally, the process should take around 3 weeks.
  3. The moment your work permit is issued by the Chinese government, we will send the digital copies to you through email.

Visa and departure

  1. Apply for a Z-visa, the official work visa in China.
    We will send the digital copies of the work permit along with the instruction on how to apply for a work visa to you in one email.
  2. Book your flight and pack your suitcases.
    We advise you to book your flight ticket after you applied for the visa.
  3. China Plus will help you to prepare through training.
    Every year in July or August, China Plus will hold a pre-departure training to provide further information and practical advice for your time in China, and we will also answer any questions you still have concerning your departure arrangements.
  4. Fly to China and meet our partner agency in Hangzhou and receive pre-work training.
    Our Chinese partner will arrange airport pick up for you at Hangzhou Xiaoshan international airport. A paid hotel room will be provided in the first three nights of your arrival. During this time, you can take a rest and recover from your journey. When you’re fully rested you can visit our Chinese partner agency and attend a training.

You’re ready to work!

After the first week of preparation in Hangzhou, now you are ready to move to your school and meet your students. The travel cost from Hangzhou to your school will be covered.

Stay in touch

It’s important to stay in touch with China Plus during your Chinese adventure, so if necessary, we can help you out and of course, we would love to hear your China stories!



Thank you for contacting us! We will try our best to reply in at most three working days!

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